15 Business Ideas for Teens

The youth in today’s generation are the future leaders of tomorrow. These 15 business ideas for teens can help you to start your own business.

A study, published by The Economist, says that as much as 40 percent of the workforce will be made up of people under the age of 25 by 2020. The global workforce is getting younger and it is crucial for youth to prepare for the future.

Here are a few areas to prepare for:

-Being financially literate and understanding how to save and manage money.
-Starting a business and thinking about what they’re passionate about.
-Learning about the environment so they can be better stewards of it.
-Learning about tolerance, equality, and fairness in order to become global citizens.

Youth should also understand their own strengths and weaknesses. Being a teenager is one of the best times to start your own business. You are old enough to have a business plan written, research done on your competition, and a good idea of the product or service you want to offer.

Start A Flower Delivery Service

One of the newest business ideas for teens that’s becoming more popular is becoming a florist. I am a teen and I love being able to interact with all our customers and find out what they’re interested in. The day starts early when I open up the shop and my day is usually filled with people coming in to order flowers for a special occasion, proposing, or just to say how much they care. If you really enjoy connecting with people and their emotions, then this may be the business idea for you.

Start A Fashion Design Agency

Fashion design has been around for a while, which is why it’s so popular on social media. It seems like everyone has their own fashion blog, or is taking pictures of themselves from every angle to post on their Instagram. That’s why the idea to start your own fashion design agency could be a great way for teen fashion designers to make money. It’s not too difficult to start a fashion design company. You should start by coming up with a name for your company. If you already have a name, you should use it. Next, you should think of what you will offer. Will you sell the clothes you design?

There are a number of online platforms where you can sell your designs. – Design Clothes Online clothing platforms like TeeSpring allow teen designers to upload their designs and sell them to customers for a limited period of time. When designing clothes, it’s important to keep in mind that teens want something cool and trendy.

Teenagers who are interested in entering the world of fashion design can find a number of well-paying and rewarding careers in the industry. Designers have the opportunity to work with different types of design, which includes inclusivity in fashion, sustainability, and ethics. Fashion designers can work with fashion companies to set up production lines and create designs for specific clients. There are publishers that offer fashion design books, which may be interesting to read for aspiring fashion designers.

Become an Instagram Influencer

With a recent study revealing that 55% of teens use Instagram, it’s no surprise that the app is quickly becoming a popular way for teens who are interested in entrepreneurship to make money. According to Mashable, the top ten most-followed teens on Instagram have a combined following of over 350 million. This access to a large and very active audience is an opportunity that many entrepreneurs would welcome.

The skills necessary to succeed in this business include the ability to use social media effectively, staying on top of trends, creativity, and good photography.

Many businesses might want to hire a teen with an Instagram account to promote their products. There are many marketing strategies that can be used to promote a company’s products with an Instagram influencer. Advertisers can work with one or more influencers to get their products in front of the followers of the influencer. There are several marketing tools they can use to engage the attention of an influencer’s followers.

A few examples of these tools are: create a sponsored post, create a sponsored campaign, or create a sponsored hashtag. The social media marketer can then use these marketing tools to their advantage in order to get the desired exposure for the company’s product.

-Teens on Instagram who have influence on their peers can upload sponsored posts that are relevant to them.
-They would receive a percentage of the revenue from the post.
-Commissions can depend on follower size.
-This could be a more affordable route to supplement their income than working in a restaurant.

Create YouTube Channels

Teenagers use many different social media outlets for expressing themselves and for their personal enjoyment. YouTube is a popular one because teens are able to share their thoughts, their challenges, and their laughs with a world of viewers. With YouTube, some teenagers have found a creative way to make money as well! Some YouTube channels include comedy sketches, makeup tutorials, and so much more.

One great thing about YouTube is that a teen can make money from their channel with many different types of ad revenues.
There are two different ways to make money on YouTube, either you create ads on your videos and let Google Adsense run those ads, or you create enough videos to make money off YouTube Red.

The first one is really hard to do unless you have a huge following like Casey Neistat does. The second way I mentioned, making a lot of videos, can be done rather easily because the amount of views you need each day is really low. Let’s do some math here. The minimum number of views you need per day to make money on YouTube is 1,000. That means you have to have 1000 views and an ad clicked on in order for you to make any money at all.

The money that a teen makes from their channel can change their life in so many ways. For example, a teen that makes $1000 a month from YouTube channels can put their money in savings, investing in stock market or even save for college.

Make a App And Monetize

Entrepreneurship is a tough but rewarding path to take. It takes a lot of courage and tenacity to be an entrepreneur, but the payoff is massive. You’re not always going to enjoy what you do, and the pay may not be steady, but the product of your hard work will be something to be proud of – much more than those in your school’s graduation ceremony.

You might have to sell cookies door-to-door or offer up your babysitting services for a few dollars. However, it’s only a matter of time before you have a booming business.

One of the most common is to make an app. For starters, some of the best ideas to create are games, social media apps, and educational apps. Yah, Snapchat and Facebook are really popular but, they both rely on your data to profit. With an app, you determine how the app operates, how it makes money, and you can make money as well.

For example, a blogging app! There are many blogging sites out there, but they require a lot of coding and technical know how to get started. Blogging apps are easier for anyone to use and are designed to make the blog-making process more accessible.

That’s not all – there are a lot of great business ideas out there. That’s why I thought this would be an excellent opportunity for teens to get some good ideas on how to make their next million.

Start A Music Agency

Music is an important cultural aspect of our society. It allows us to connect with others and provides a bridge to our past and present. The importance of music has only increased with the increased time we spend on the internet. In today’s culture teens are the next generation of musicians.

Music is a big part of their life, and every artist wants to work with the hottest performers. However, since a lot of teens are still in school there are limited opportunities for them to showcase their talent in public spaces at events such as fairs, festivals, and concerts. The solution to this is the creation of a teen business that negotiates with these events and offers the youth the opportunity to perform at these events.

A lot of people have lamented about the phenomenon of children being discovered on YouTube. From the talent show “The Voice” to dance compilations on Vine, young people are making their way into the music industry at an unprecedented rate.

For a thirteen-year-old music enthusiast, an agency for musicians could be an ideal way to combine their love of music with starting a business. They would need to research local and national talent agencies, look at what they do, and think about how they could do it as a unique start-up.

Potential considerations would be how many agents they would need, would they need to hire an office with the right amenities, what would they charge for their services?

Sell Handicrafts Online

Selling handmade crafts are a cool way to find a way to make money. There are many ways to sell handmade crafts. One option is to sell them on Etsy. Another option is to sell them in different craft fairs. One thing I like about making money by selling handmade crafts is the whole process of making them. It’s a really satisfying feeling to be able to create something that other people want to buy. Plus, nothing is better than seeing someone who likes what you’ve made buying it.

Become A Graphics Designer

The graphic designer designs company logos, advertisements, brochures and any other printed promotional materials. The demand for a graphic designer is high in the art and design industry and low in the engineering industry. The graphic designer’s client list includes retail stores, banks, advertising companies, museums, non-profit organizations, and many others.

Establish a Portfolio: First, you need to make sure that you build a strong portfolio. Building a portfolio for a graphic designer is the same as for any other type of designer, but there are a few unique considerations you will need to think about. For example, get your hands on some good fonts and graphics software so you can create some mockups of your work on your computer. Hone your craft and find inspiration by browsing art blogs and websites.

Become a Photographer

Photography is all about capturing the world in pictures. Many people are drawn to this art because they want to have a singular moment (in all its beauty) captured. There’s so much more to photography than the snap of a camera though. There’s editing, creativity, composition, and a whole lot of patience too. A Photographer or Videographer can take on any job from weddings, to landscapes, to pets, and more.

Start A Web Design Agency

Many people are interested in the opportunity to work from home with a flexible schedule. Web design is a great way to earn a living with a flexible schedule.

A web designer is a savvy, technical communicator who can create websites and web applications to convey information or tell a story.

The first step in building your web business is to choose your niche or specialization. If you are a good designer and a developer, there is always work available for you as long as you know what you specialize in. However, it is best to find a niche that you are passionate about and can spend all of your time working on. Your website needs to be professional and easy to navigate.

Candle Making

There are many different ways for people to make money, but candle making is one of the most popular methods for people to make a decent income. If you are looking for a way to make some extra money, then it is worth looking into candle making.

Candles can be used for home décor, presenting gifts and as an easy way to light up a room. Candle making is a very inexpensive hobby that can also provide a great income.

You can save on overhead costs because many materials are used over and over again. Making candles may take up a lot of your time, but you can even out your income by also stocking other things like soaps or lotions.

Make greeting cards

ou can make money by creating Christmas and Valentine’s Day greeting cards. It is a fun activity that doesn’t take too much time but the payoff is a decent amount. You can also make more cards for different holidays such as Chinese New Year, Easter, and the Fourth of July. Collect cards from past holiday seasons and reuse them.

The cards can be customized with your own art, pictures, and messages and sold to friends or family. Best of all, it is a project that can be completed in a weekend with some basic materials.

-Select a shape and size for the card
-Choose your favorite card supplies
-Select the theme of the card to customize (i.e. birthday, thank you)
-Find creative ways to customize the card
-Decorate the inside of the card
-Select a greeting to personalize the card to the recipient
-Add a signature phrase

Lawn care Business

Mowing lawns is a great way to gain a few extra dollars! Not only does it get you out of the house, but it can also teach you how to maintain your own lawn. If you are interested in mowing lawns for money, there are a few things you need to know. Mowing lawns is a great way to earn money!

In order to be successful at this business, you will need to be knowledgeable about lawn care and lawn maintenance. Some of the most important aspects to having a successful lawn care business are: soil fertilizing, pest control, fertilizing, weeding, mulching, and watering.

Technology Tutor

Technology tutors offer a wide variety of services for people looking to improve their qualifications or learning.

The following are some of the services offered by Technology tutors:

  • Computer programming courses.
  • App Development course.
  • Simple courses on how to use their smartphones, tablets, or computers.

They can help you with whatever you need help with to improve your qualifications or your learning.


Simply put, podcasters are those who produce and distribute podcasts for their listeners. A podcast is a series of digital audio or video files that are uploaded to the internet and can be accessed for playback on demand. The series typically contains episodes that are available for download through iTunes, Google Play, or the podcast’s website.

Podcasters can be found in any industry and there is a podcast for everyone. Whether you are interested in the latest technology, politics, or international news, there is a podcast out there for you!

Podcaster is a great way to make money for a business person who is in the podcasting field. The platform is so popular that even some Fortune 500 companies have started using the platform.


Let’s face it-the world is a challenging place, and becoming a successful adult is hard enough as it is. Whether you want to make a little extra money with a greeting cards or start your music agency, a little work and creativity can go a long way.

Enjoyed reading this post on 15 Business Ideas For Teens? Which one did you like or planning to start? Let us know in the comments below!!

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