For many people, starting your own business is a powerful way to take control of your career and your life. Here are Five Low-Investment Business Ideas You Can Start From Anywhere.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 40 percent of U.S. workers either own their own business or are self-employed.

Starting your own business offers freedom, flexibility, and the ability to work from anywhere. But starting a business, or even expanding an existing one, takes time, money, and energy that not everyone has.

Looking to jump-start your career? You can open a business, start a family, or just have a nice income generating side revenue, all without dipping into your savings or maxing out your credit cards.

Digital Products

A lot of people want to know how to start a digital products business with low investment. You can do this on your own or you can hire a freelancer to do the work for you. There are many different online business models, but the most popular by far is selling information products.

Selling information products is the epitome of passive income. You don’t have to work for money, you just have to create value that people are willing to pay for. You can decide what to work on, when to work on it and how to work on it.

You don’t have to deal with customers, you don’t have to deal with suppliers, you don’t have to deal with regulations, you don’t have to deal with competitors. There are no office politics to manage. There is no need to advertise and there is no sales team to train. There are no employees to manage. It’s just you and your hard work.

Consumers will buy your new product if they think it solves a problem, helps them save time or makes them money. Most people love learning new skills and acquiring valuable information, but they won’t spend their hard-earned money unless there is a clear and obvious benefit.

Special Gifts

Making special gifts like personalized mugs, embroidered items, framed pictures and similar is a good way to make a little extra money at home. The items you need to make customized gifts are easy to find and can be found at craft stores, retail stores, and online.

You can start with a few supplies, then add more as you get better at creating these special items.

One way involves selling products directly on social media, such as Instagram or Facebook. This can be a great way to test the market and see if there is any interest in your goods. It can also be a good way to gauge how much you need to charge for your goods.

You can start by tagging the business in your posts, followed by engaging with followers and fellow business owners. As you become more of a presence on Instagram, you can start to build a following. This can help you to sell your goods by sharing them on your page and by tagging them on your page.

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Digital Services

Every day, new ways of making money pop up. Whether it’s a new app, a website or a work-at-home job, it seems like there are more ways than ever to turn a profit.

You can earn money by playing games or by downloading apps. You can also earn money by watching videos.

Companies like Gazelle and NextWorth will pay you for your used phone. They check the device for resale value and give you a quote. Then you either mail or upload your phone. They ship you a gift card after receiving, testing and approving your device. You can use the gift card to buy anything you want, but there are usually some restrictions.

Have you heard of Google Opinion Rewards? It’s a free service, easy to set up, and easy to use. How Google will use the data is unknown, but you can earn a free $1 Google Play credit for taking one-minute surveys and answering short, multiple choice questions. You can also earn extra rewards by referring friends.


Subscriptions are the way of the future. While they don’t necessarily make you any more money right now, they’re a great way to diversify your revenue streams and give you a steady, predictable income.

It’s not just consumers who are getting accustomed to the idea of subscriptions: Businesses are taking a closer look, too. Why not just charge users once to download an app or buy a service? Because that wouldn’t provide enough revenue for developers to sustain themselves.

Instead, the freemium model has been the go-to choice for many companies. By offering a free app that can be used for free but is limited in features (or capacity) unless a user pays for more, developers can offer a service that can generate steady revenue over time.

Subscriptions are where the money is. Everyone has them, from Netflix to HBO to the newspaper.

You’ve got an audience. You can monetize that audience by selling products. Maybe you can sell advertising, or maybe you can get other companies to pay you to write sponsored posts (a.k.a., guest posts).

Print On Demand

Print on demand refers to the process of printing books, shirts, toys and other goods as they are ordered by customers. Instead of ordering and storing large quantities of inventory, you can order products as they are needed.

This can save time and money, because you can buy inventory only as it is needed and have it shipped directly to the customer.

The print on demand services offer the ability to print items at the cost of the item versus a bulk price, which can be significantly less expensive.

You can also add different options to your product, such as custom colors and sizes, and you can charge for shipping. Print on demand is often confused with digital printing and is a much more complicated process.

How to Get Started

  1. The first thing to do is to find a good Graphics Designer who can do high quality work and who you can afford – a good designer will be very valuable to you as you grow your business and you will need to work closely with one.
  2. Now that you have a designer, you need to get a reliable source of good quality print files. A lot of people are delusional about the quality of their POD files and place their orders on cheap printers, then get upset that the quality is poor.

Print on demand is the future of print publishing. The savings for small time publishers are enormous, and the book production process is amazingly simple. Thus, it has never been easier for you to get your book out there than now.


Ideas are all around us. We’ve all seen a million different businesses come and go, but you’ve probably never heard of something like an app called MoochMe, which facilitates the payment of bills and transfers money using text.

Starting a small business is a powerful way to become your own boss and the chief of your own life. Business ownership gives you the freedom to start, run, and grow your own company using our flexible model.

It is important to take a pen and a paper and jot down some working business ideas and potential ways to make income and profits. All you need is a decent business idea, talent, passion, and the desire to succeed.

It’s never been easier to start your business. It’s time you try the freedom of entrepreneurship. Pick and stick to one of these five low investment business ideas or work on your own!