Sell Your Photos Online

How and Where to Sell Your Photos Online

Making money with your digital camera is easy and rewarding. If you already have a digital camera and the ability to compose a good picture you’re half way there. In this post we will see how to sell your photos online.

Selling your photos online is very simple and straightforward. No marketing, no ‘phone calls, no postage costs – it’s just so easy. Best of all, you don’t have to give up the day job – well, not yet!

Getting Accepted

All you need to do is take your photographs and then upload them to a ‘Stock Photo Websites’ website (details below). Registering with most Stock Photo sites are FREE because they pay you a commission for each sale – and keep a portion for their expenses. Once your pictures are uploaded, the Stock Photo Websites takes care of sales and marketing – you just accept the money for sales! Payments can be as much as £75 per picture – and remember, you can, and will, sell the same picture over and over again!

Be aware the Stock Photo sites are unlikely to accept all of your pictures. They will be looking for well composed, sharply focused pictures that they consider will have a good chance of selling. There are many Stock Photo sites on the internet who are desperate for your pictures. All you have to do is take the pictures and upload them to one or more of these libraries.

The Process

It is quite acceptable to upload the same pictures to more than one Stock Photo Websites. Some libraries will offer you higher commission payments for exclusive rights – meaning that photos you upload to their site cannot be uploaded to other sites. Just think about that; you upload 500 pictures to five different sites and have the equivalent of 2,500 pictures on sale! Now how good is that?

When someone buys one of your pics, they are only buying the right to reproduce it once. Therefore you can – and will – sell the same picture many times over. Next item on selling your photos online is finding what is in demand.

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How to Sell Your Photos Online

I am still receiving payments for pictures that I uploaded some years ago. Do take notice of the categories of picture that the libraries say they want – they won’t thank you for uploading photos that they already have too many of.  I am not going to recommend any of these sites as I guess you’ll suspect me of getting commission for recommending them!

How and Where to Sell Your Photos Online

Editing Your Photos

After you have finished taking pictures and ensuring that the quality is 100%, sign up for a microstock photography site. This site has a huge customer base so you are going to let the managers review your work before they let you in. After you join, you will be required to take as many pictures as you can. Take your time and properly edit/crop your photos will sell much better. You will not be able to make any money if you rush and your pictures are unedited.

After editing your photos, you need to submit them or upload them onto the site. You can upload them to the site in batches in order to save time. Create a title, description and keynotes for all your photos so potential buyers can find them easy. The most important thing is to create an accurate list of keywords.

About Model Release

If you sell images of a person, make sure to get a model release. You don’t know where your photos will end up and you don’t want people in your pictures to be angry with you. Continue to shoot photos and edit your work. Once you build up your online store, it will attract more online viewers for you.

Here are a few Stock Photo sites for you to visit; (you’ll need to copy and paste these into your browser)

  • 500px Prime
  • Shutterstock


Have a good look around these sites and you will see exactly what sells, how much they pay etc. etc. They will also tell you which subjects are HOT sellers.

You may ask who is buying your pictures. The answer is that newspapers, magazines and book publishers are always looking for just the right picture to use. YOU could be supplying it!

This site was set up to show you how and where to sell your photos online. There are other ways of making even more money with your camera and I’d like to recommend this course to you to help take your earnings to a higher level.


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