RU Insurance

The Primary Benefit of RU Insurance

The main benefit of subscribing to RU Insurance when viewed financially; is part of one form of risk control. In addition, insurance also has several other primary functions, namely:

1. Buying an RU Insurance Means Being Active in Risk Transfer

One of the primary functions of insurance, other than as risk control, also functions as a risk transfer mechanism or the transfer of possible risks so that the likelihood of uncertainty due to unexpected events can be ascertained or changed to certainty in the form of compensation loss or compensation claims from insurance premiums that have been paid.

Transfer of risk does not mean eliminating the possibility of misfortune from the insured / insurance customer. However, the transfer of risk is intended to provide peace of mind to customers; against the possibility of adverse events. If you see the rewards that will be obtained; maybe the value of the premium paid is very little compared to the risk that might occur.

2. Insurance as a means of raising funds (Insurance Investment)

Insurance also functions to collect funds from customers or policyholders. The funds raised (from the premium paid); can be used and developed by insurance companies through more profitable investment channels. Because one of the tasks of insurance companies is raising funds. Therefore, investment is a choice; that is often taken so that the money collected can be managed productively.

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Investment activities carried out by insurance companies can be done anywhere. And the results of these investments can also be used as a strategy; to reduce premium costs. After all, later these premiums will also be used together to cover the risks borne by premium payers or customers.

3. RU Insurance Guarantee Balance Premium

The purpose of the balanced premium function here is that insurance can be relied upon as a guarantor for a person’s loss by paying a premium that is clear and the amount can be accounted for. The size of the premium to be paid also depends on the premium rate; in effect after multiplied by the sum insured.

4. Protection against possible bankruptcy risks

Often if an entrepreneur wants to open a new business or expand his business, they always rely on insurance to get protection against possible bankruptcy risks. Because so far we often see many entrepreneurs who fail to realize their plans, which in the end they discouraged to continue developing their business. When there is already an investment coming in, with insurance, the entrepreneur can transfer the risk.

Insurance will provide a sense of security; and can be relied on to keep anxiety in starting a business. Once again the premium paid may not be as much as the risk of bankruptcy that is borne if there really is a failure.

5. RU Insurance will Stimulate Economic Growth

From a macro scale, insurance also triggers economic growth. Because with insurance, interested parties can focus themselves on development steps and not worry about risks due to adverse events.

With so many premiums received by insurance companies, automatically it also becomes one of the sources of funding in various investment sectors. In the end, the investment is also aimed at the interests of the wider community. So, are you interested in joining an RU Insurance?


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