Work From Home Insurance Jobs in US

Work From Home Insurance Jobs in US

If you are looking for a work from home insurance jobs, there are many opportunities.

The insurance industry is flourishing, and now is the right time to find its place in it-of course, as a remote worker! Whether your background is mainly customer service or you are a nurse, many insurance companies in the United States provide you with work-from-home. Want to work at Humana or Hartford? What about EXL or LFG? In the below blog post, we will show you what types of work from home insurance jobs are available.

According to a survey by of the employment and employment prospects of the insurance industry in 2019, “The number of workers in the insurance industry has reached a record high. There are currently 2.7 million people working in the industry, and this survey shows no signs of slowdown. With the unemployment rate of 2% in the industry and the unemployment rate of 3.9% in the United States, finding skilled talents to fill job vacancies poses a challenge to the company and will only become tighter. “

The bigger news is that many companies hire insurance professionals to work remotely. If you want to seek a better work-life balance, then these 10 companies usually hire for remote insurance jobs.

Top 10 companies for work from home insurance jobs

1. United Health Group

United Health Group provides welfare services and medical care to customers and consumers in 50 states and 125 countries. As a leader in improving the health system and helping consumers improve their healthy lives, the company invests nearly $ 3 billion annually in technology and innovation and processes more than 600 billion digital transactions annually.

Remote insurance job positions:

  • Appeal and Grievances medical director
  • Claims Product Director
  • Senior claims representative

2. Aetna

Aetna Insurance is one of the major healthcare benefit companies in the United States. It provides high-quality medical care and economically protects consumers from health-related risks. In 2018, Aetna joined CVS Health, whose mission is to provide innovative new healthcare models to achieve better health at a lower cost.

Remote insurance job positions:

  • Medical underwriting manager
  • Medicare sales representative
  • Senior Medicaid Proposal Writer

3. The Hartford

Founded in the year 1810, the company provides industry-leading group benefits, property and life insurance, and mutual funds. As a company, Hartford is committed to “achieving positive results, establishing strong partnerships, and striving for excellence”.

Remote insurance job positions:

  • U.S. Marine Claims Consultant
  • Priority account quote specialist-group interest
Work From Home Insurance Jobs in US


AFIRM is the leading risk mitigation, loss control and premium audit service provider in the United States. AFIRM conducts risk management, housing and loss management inspections and other investigations to provide personal line inspection solutions. AFIRM’s professional team works with nearly 1,000 partners to provide services and quality management systems aimed at achieving accuracy and quality for customers.

Remote insurance job positions:

  • Premium auditor
  • Loss Control Specialist

5. Parallon

Parallon provides comprehensive service consulting, purchase support, advisory services, healthcare information technology, revenue cycle services, group supply chain services and workforce management solutions. It has a long track record in operational excellence and is committed to helping customers apply effective, knowledge-rich and intelligent operational efficiency in the healthcare market.

Remote insurance job positions:

  • Appeal Specialist
  • Customer Advisor
  • Medicaid Eligibility Advocate

6. Humana

Humana is a leading healthcare company in the United States that provides a variety of health, wellness and insurance products and services to achieve lifelong happiness. Founded in the year 1961, Humana currently represents 13.8 million medical members across United States and is recognized as the third largest health insurance provider.

Remote insurance job positions:

  • Broker Relations Manager
  • Medical sales representative

7. EXL

EXL is a global provider of business process solutions designed to help companies simplify operations, simplify compliance, change management and create opportunities for growth. Its biggest focus area is the insurance industry. In addition to this, they also with customers in financial services, retail healthcare, utilities, and logistics.

Remote insurance job positions:

  • Insurance risk control consultant
  • Commercial Insurance Inspector

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8. Anthem, Inc.

The services and products provided by Anthem, Inc. and its affiliates enable its members to get the care needed for a healthy life. Known as the nation’s largest nonprofit managed healthcare company, Anthem, Inc. now serves one out of Americans.

Remote insurance job positions:

  • Investigator I
  • Special investigation Unit provider auditor

9. Lincoln Financial Group

Lincoln Financial Group provides a wide range of financial services to customers to meet their needs. Its core business areas include retirement planning, annuity, life insurance, long-term care protection and many others.

Remote insurance job positions:

  • Vice President of Group Underwriting
  • Underwriter – Personal Life Insurance

10. Erie Group

Founded in the year 1925, the Erie Insurance Group is an award-winning full-service insurance company. The company has more than 2,100 independent agents, providing customers with automotive, housing, commercial and life insurance products and solutions.

Remote insurance job positions:

  • Risk Control Consultant II
  • Material damage adjuster

We hope you enjoyed this article on work from home insurance jobs that are available in the United States. Share with your colleagues, family and friends and support us.

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