How To Start a Virtual Assistant Business For Less?

How to Start a Virtual Assistant Business

There are so many people who are searching for a reliable and profitable virtual assistant business. If you are one of those, then I am going to share with you one of the best ideas to start your own virtual assistant business without spending a single penny.

What is a virtual assistant?

It is a person who helps their clients in multiple areas of life. From social media management, email management, customer support, writing content, and more.

Virtual assistants are hired by a company for the purpose of handling all the work related to their company, in a professional manner. They are hired by companies because of the following reasons:

  • To save their time and efforts
  • The main focus of the virtual assistant is not only to perform the task but also to help their clients in a better way.
  • They have great communication skills
  • They are well aware of the clients and their needs and hence they know how to communicate with them.
  • They are trustworthy
  • They are honest and transparent when dealing with their clients.
  • They are punctual and work according to the set deadlines.
  • They are flexible
  • They are available at the set time and will never miss their clients.

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Benefits Of Starting A Virtual Assistant Business

Starting a virtual assistant business is a simple and quick way of earning money. You just need to make sure that you work hard and smartly to make it successful. Let me tell you that a virtual assistant business has numerous benefits, which are listed below:

Low Investment

The virtual assistant business is a low investment business. You don’t need to invest a lot of money to start your own business. Just by investing a small amount of money and time, you can start your own business and earn good money.

No need to leave the house

If you are not working then what would you do? Would you spend time with your friends or family? Of course, you will be spending time with them, but what would happen to your business? In this situation, you can start a virtual assistant business as you will not need to leave your home.

Flexible Hours

One of the major problems that people face while choosing a job is that they don’t know about their availability. They don’t know that their working hours are flexible and that is why you don’t need to decide about your availability before you get a job.

Earn High Salary

One of the common problems that people face while searching for a new job is that they are not able to find the right company for their salary. However, you don’t have to face this problem as you can earn a high salary by starting your own business.

Best Benefits

There are countless benefits of starting a virtual assistant business. Firstly, you can earn a good salary. Secondly, you will be able to enjoy all the advantages of the virtual life. You don’t have to get worried about your work and time. You just have to focus on your business.

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What services are offered by virtual assistants

Virtual assistants provide assistance in different areas like office management, business consultation, customer support and data entry.

Let me talk about some of the services that you can avail from these professionals.

Scheduling appointments

Scheduling an appointment with a client or a meeting with a team member is a time consuming job. But a virtual assistant can do this task in a very less time and you don’t have to take much of your time. So, if you have a client who wants to meet you at a specific date, you don’t have to wait for that day, you can just schedule the meeting on that particular day.

Sending emails

Are you feeling that you are running behind in the office because of the heavy workload, so you can take help from a virtual assistant. They can be the one who is responsible for sending important emails to your clients. So, if you are stuck in an important meeting, you can assign the job to a virtual assistant and you can take a break.

Creating documents

It is very difficult to create and edit a document and it may take hours for a person to do that. But a virtual assistant can do this task in a less time and you don’t have to be bothered about it.

Taking care of your documents

Sometimes, you can find a lot of important documents that need to be saved and shared to the right person. A virtual assistant can take care of this issue, so you don’t need to take much of your time.

Booking travel tickets

You need to book a flight or a bus for yourself but it is not easy to do that and there are chances of making mistakes. But a virtual assistant will take all the burden off your shoulders and they will do the booking for you.

Making calls

This is another important job of a business owner and a virtual assistant can do that for you.

Sending SMS messages

If you are working from home and you have your own mobile phone, then you can make use of it. But if you are not having one, you can hire a virtual assistant who will take care of the task.

Write articles, blogs, and make videos

You are an entrepreneur and you are offering something to your customers and clients. So, you need to make the content that attracts the audience. A virtual assistant will make the articles, blogs and make the videos that will attract the audience.

Do the background checking

You are a successful entrepreneur and you are doing business from home. So, you need to check whether the person that you have hired is good enough for your company. A virtual assistant will check the background of the applicant.

Social media management

If you have a business social media is very important for you. You need a virtual assistant who can help you to manage your social media accounts. He/she will handle your followers, schedule your posts and help you to connect with your audience in a better way.

Email marketing

An email marketing agency can use a virtual assistant for their email marketing campaigns. They can manage their social media accounts, schedule the emails and also design their emails.

How to choose the best platform for your VA business?

Choosing the right platform for your VA business is very important. Most of the people don’t know about the platforms and they start a business without knowing about the best platform. There are some platforms which will provide you good quality services and also make your business more successful.

If you are a newbie in this industry then you can consider these two platforms:

1) Fiverr:

If you are looking for a new platform then you can consider the Fiverr as a great platform. You can hire a virtual assistant from Fiverr and can work as a part of the team.

You can find a variety of skills from the Fiverr and you can work according to your skills. You can get $5 per hour.

2) Upwork:

Upwork is a big name in this industry and you will find plenty of freelancers there. You can hire a virtual assistant from Upwork and can get paid up to $100 per hour.

Understanding the pros and cons of virtual assistant business

With the help of the internet, you can start a virtual assistant business without any investment. However, there are many things that you need to keep in mind before you decide to start one.

There are a lot of pros and cons of starting a virtual assistant business. So, it is very important to learn about these pros and cons. If you are looking for the right opportunity to start a business online, then you should know the importance of pros and cons of starting a virtual assistant business.

Pros and Cons of Starting a Virtual Assistant Business

I will try to mention the pros and cons of starting a virtual assistant business, so that you can get a better idea about starting one.

Advantages of starting a virtual assistant business:

1. You can work at your own pace

You can start a virtual assistant business at your own pace and it will not create any disturbance in your daily life. As the business is not your main source of income, so it will not affect your work.

2. It provides you a flexible schedule

You can start a virtual assistant business at any time you want. Moreover, if you are someone who wants to work at your own pace, then you will be able to work at your own place and you will not have to worry about the time.

3. You don’t need any investment

You don’t need to invest a single penny to start a virtual assistant business. All you need is an internet connection and a computer.

4. It is the best way to earn extra income

If you are someone who is searching for an easy and convenient way to earn extra income, then virtual assistant business is the best option. It is one of the easiest ways to start a business online and the profits will be more than what you expect.

5. It gives you a flexible schedule

This is one of the best advantages of starting a virtual assistant business. You can start it at any time you want and it will not disturb your daily life.

6. You can earn money from anywhere

You can work from anywhere and earn money for the services you provide to clients. You can also work from home and it will not create any distraction in your daily life.

7. You can choose your work according to your preference

If you are someone who has a flexible schedule, then you can choose your work according to your preferences.

8. You can use the skills you already have

It is very easy to start a virtual assistant business. You don’t need to learn a new skill and it will not take much time to get a job.

9. No standard trainings

There is no proper training for a virtual assistant. They are required to learn some new skills which is not possible if they don’t have any experience.

10. No stability

If you are earning a salary, then you will feel stability and you will get regular paycheck, but in a virtual assistant business, you don’t get a stable income, and you need to find a new customer every time.

11. High stress level

A virtual assistant business is a job where you are dealing with a variety of clients on different projects. Therefore, it can be stressful and you can get tired very soon.

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What Tools Do You Need For Your VA Business?

Many of them want to focus more on their core business and let their virtual assistant handle the tasks which are not their core business. But it is a very wrong approach as the most important thing to have is the right time management skills.

Here are the tools that can help you manage your virtual assistant business and perform administrative tasks.

Organization & Time Management App

I am sure you have heard of the term “Time Management App”. If you haven’t then I am going to tell you what it is. There are a lot of time management apps available online that will help you to manage your time better. They have some tools to record your tasks, schedule them and remind you when to complete it.

Many of these apps also offer free trial versions which you can try out to see whether it will suit your needs. You can use these tools to manage your virtual assistant business.

Task & To-do List Manager

Managing your virtual assistant business requires you to handle a lot of administrative tasks. In that case, it is necessary to have a task manager and a to-do list manager. Task managers organize your tasks into categories and then you can prioritize them based on importance.

If you are working as a virtual assistant, then there will be tasks related to managing your virtual assistant business. So, you can organize those tasks by adding it to the respective categories and then you can prioritize them based on the order of importance.


Starting a virtual assistant business is one of the best and fastest ways of earning good money. If you are thinking about starting a new job then you don’t need to consider any other job.

If you want to start a virtual assistant business then we would recommend you to start the business with a freelancer. You will get to learn all the basic things related to a virtual assistant business and it is really easy to start.

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